How to Find a Date on Facebook

Move over, dating sites – matchmaking has moved to Facebook.

Come to think of it, when was the last time you even heard of someone wasting their time and money on dating sites like Social networking sites in general, and Facebook in particular, represent the new frontiers of social interaction, and that includes dating and romance.

Facebook has some unique benefits when it comes to finding a date:

  • Privacy. You have complete control over who can view your profile or initiate contact with you. And when it comes to meeting someone new, Facebook makes it discreet with the help of private messages and chat.
  • Fake-proof. No more fake profiles and misinformation! It’s totally safe and customary to meet people through your own friends, in a safe and customary way of finding a date, and it means that you and your date can start on a note of trust and commonality.
  • Social environment. Say goodbye to the awkwardness and anxiety of dating web sites and match making services – Facebook provides a natural and relaxed environment for meeting new people, since privacy is protected and connections are made through known friends.
  • Special applications. On Facebook you have access to hundreds of applications to play around with. XibYa-Match-Friends is one such application which is designed to help you find a match on Facebook.
  • Free! Facebook is free, as are applications like XibYa-Match-Friends.

So if you haven’t been using Facebook to meet new people, you need to start today!

Build Your Friends List

Facebook is all about friendship, so of course finding a match on Facebook is also about friendship: enlisting the help of your friends and connecting with potential dates through them.

So the bigger your friend circle, the greater your chances of meeting someone wonderful. This doesn’t mean you should start adding people randomly or aggressively, but you should definitely not miss any opportunities to widen your circle. If you meet someone once or twice and have a conversation, send them an ‘add’ request on Facebook. Be open to meeting friends of friends.

Making your profile visible to friends’ friends is also a great way to let people find out a little about you before they initiate contact or friendship.

Find Singles on Facebook

The best approach to meeting new people on Facebook is through your friends. Most of your friends are sure to have some single friends on Facebook, and with the help of Facebook applications you can access their basic profiles. At this point you are most likely looking for a personality match to find some dating potential. So pay special attention to people’s interests and sense of humor – if you have things in common with the friend of a friend, you can easily and naturally extend an invitation to talk.

Using a dating application like XibYa Match Friends, you can quickly look through and match your personality with your friends’ friends.

Initiate contact with your friends’ friend

Now that you have searched for and found someone who seems compatible and interesting, it’s time to reach out to them. The best way to do it is through your mutual friend. Let your friend know that you saw the profile of one of their friends, and why you think this person might be a good match for you. Of course, ask your friend what he or she thinks about it, and ask them to set the two of you up.

The fact is – most people love to play match-maker! You only have to put the seed in your friends’ mind and he or she is sure to give you their honest opinion of the potential match, and to do everything they can to get the two of you together. Again, Facebook applications like XibYa-Match-Friends can make this easier and even more fun for everyone involved.

At that point, of course, it’s all up to you and your chemistry with this new person. If the two of you “click” on Facebook, set up a date to meet in person. If not, you just made a new friend and can leave it at that.

So forget blind dates and match-making services, use Facebook and rediscover the magic of dating!