Online Dating Sites- Beautiful Lie or Astounding Reality?

Checking my Office-Space

Another day is here! Sitting in my office, I began to observe the so- called couples in and around my surroundings. The geek boy is dating the office hottie now! And wait the girl whose face-you-cannot-see-because-of-pimples is flirting with the attendant?!! Oh Goddd, how do these people even find each other! After giving them one more minute of my attention, I logged on to my computer and began browsing my e-mail.( I know, I know, no personal dealings during work says the company policy but when did 5 minutes of harmless browsing ever hurt someone?!).

Crystal Ball for Future Call

Crystal Ball for Future Call

Checking my e-mail, I found links to three online dating websites, inviting me to join them. How do even they know I am single now? Isn’t it embarrassing enough itself to just live with it and now the whole world is aware of it..Urrrrrgggh..Anyway, I logged on to these websites to get a look at them (Ok, I admit, I was trying my luck).

Browsing on the Dating Sites

Wow, there are like thousands of people registered onto these websites. So, I am not alone?!! I began humming a tune feeling a little elevated as this new found information. To register, I need a profile picture and need to fill in some information about myself. A cloud of confusion started to prevail around me, which Picture do I choose?? O my god..this is a serious problem. I had like hundreds of pictures cluttered in different folders and to choose one among them seems like an impossible task. Slowly, I start placing decent pictures of me in a new folder and after an hour( I needed a break from work!!), I zeroed in on a picture of me, wearing diesel jeans and a nice fitted top and holding one of the few designer handbags I own. When I began to upload the picture, it struck me that the picture was at least two years old. Ok, so I have put on a bit of weight and my hair is shorter, but it’s still me right? It was at this moment, that I realized that what if the pictures of all those hundreds of strangers were fake? What if they were taken years back when people looked younger, fresher and smarter? After considering the problem, I decided to take a chance and created my profile.

Is it real? Is it safe?

No Way!

No Way!

Then, I began browsing through several profiles and a profile of a cute guy called Mark caught my eye. He is an international communications major from University of Pennsylvania?!! WOW. This guy is smart and cute…but then why is he here?…ok no more doubting I decided and went through his profile…There were so many pictures but I could not find him in any of them but there was one familiar face in most of the pictures. Trying to place

the familiar face, I jogged my memory cells. Wait, I know that guy..I have seen him…OMG he is Alan, Alan the totally icky postman! How I despise him! His ogling, the nauseating smile and the sneaky looks…aaahhh he reminds of a sick pervert or at best the next serial killer. Coming back, what is he doing in these pictures? Let me have a look at Mark’s profile picture. Now, even this looks familiar to me. Wait a second, that picture is of Kevin Costner standing sideways! Crap! He actually starred in a movie called postman!

I need a Mechanism of TRUST!

I began cursing at everything, the situation, postman and myself. Obviously, what could I expect from that  sickly postman. Trying to pass of as Costner with a degree from UPenn is probably his only chance of having a real date. I logged off, and took some time to clear my head. Ok, so what now? Will I try my luck again with those online dating websites? To tell you frankly, I do not know. How can I tell if a person is to be trusted? Can anyone vouch for this system?  I am wizened by this experience and I hope it will make better decisions in the future. Tomorrow is a new day!! Till then, ciao!!!



Build to Trust

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