Dating a beauty, a catch or a fall?

Hi, and welcome to the life of a single girl! Why is it so important to mention that I am single? Well, for starters, it is a very important part of my life (which I hope to get rid of)!! Being single defines you in so many ways, ask me, as I have been looking for the perfect date since…forever! When you are single and searching for the perfect date, all your actions consciously or unconsciously are concentrated on obtaining that elusive date.

Getting up in the morning, and making sure you dress alright every single day, enough to attract Mr. Charming is a painful part of every single girl’s life. To top it all, after going through the excruciating process of making the same mistakes over and over again, by choosing to go out with all the wrong kinds of people, it’s a miracle that my faith and optimism never fades ( I am pretty sure I can see a lot of heads nodding, welcome to the club people!). Ahhh, hope! It’s all I have!!

So, now you must be curious about my love life( if you can call it that), well let me tell you before you get all excited, I am famous for dating all kinds of incompatible people. Trust me when I say this, no person can give you more examples of disaster dates than me! The other day I met this totally cute guy (stunning looks), and as expected of me, I fell in love with him in the first 30 seconds itself (it’s the after –effect of all the melodramatic series on television promoting love at first sight) and I decided why not ask him out myself? (Go, girl power!) And I did (after a lot of self-mustered courage), and he did agree and we walked down to the nearest coffee shop. (Yes, I know that was very fast, but ladies there is no time to waste!)

Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming

Talking over a cup of coffee, I realized this guy has absolutely nothing to talk except about himself and his good-looking features and fortune. He started off talking about his life, school, college, parents, friends……
and the list went on…(He did have the nerve to mention how often he is addressed by us – girls and to be asked for a date!!). Come-on people, I do not want to know about the autobiography of a person I met like 5 minutes ago! (And how much competition I have). The only thing he asked me was (I am guessing he did), was my name. It was like a never ending interview session with the interviewer (me, in this situation) being completely quite and the candidate taking complete charge. He was so full of himself that he even asked me how I knew, although his good-looking, that he’s free for dating!!

Finally, the lunch break was over, and we had to head back to office (he did confirm my name mid-way again) after reaching my desk, I finally began to appreciate the beauty of silence. Was it me being naïve or dating a beauty has its pitfall? My friends say I should check more on a guy before asking for a date, but whom and what to ask is still a mystery for me. Can online dating sites match me with better success or ease? (I am thinking on checking one of the dating sites, any suggestions?) Well, that was how my last date went. So, can’t get enough of my dramatic life?!! Stay tuned, and I will update you with the latest happenings of my “live life”. (Hmmm!)

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