Soul mates – Myth or Reality

The Myth:

In the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, a musical animation to the song “Origin of Love” depicts the mythology of soul mates. Known as Plato’s theory of twin flame or soul mates as told in the Symposium, it is believed that humans originally had two sets of arms, two sets of legs, and two faces on a giant head. Also, as immortalized by the song, the concept says that there were three sexes: one looked like two men, one looked like two women and one looked like a man and a woman. Eventually, the gods of this universe feared the power of these humans. Zeus split each human in half—making lonely two-legged creatures and condemning each half to look for their other half as long as they live. This is also why a matching couple would always call each other their “other half”.

The Reality:

Although not all people believe the mysticism of this story, there are still some out there that believe they are destined for a special one person to spend the rest of their life with. Singles go to bars, thinking that on one of those nights they will gaze eye-to-eye with their soul mate. Some singles might ask their friends about people they can set them up with, hoping that within those six degrees of separations in the different circle of friends is their twin flame. Some people log on to online match-making sites, wishing that their single days will soon be over, and their dating slip-ups will finally come to an end.

The Future:

XibYa-Match is one of the newest match-making applications available in Facebook. Through this social networking site’s elaborate system, XibYa-Match looks into your friends of friends of friends—considering that the famous six degrees of separation in one’s comfort zone. This innovative match-maker can be the answer to one’s search for the perfect-match.

two single girls kissing a lucky guy


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