Finally a Cool Facebook Application!

Help! Not another blind date…

How many times have you said to your friends or family “Err, I had gone on a date with this guy I met on an online dating website and guess:  The date turned out to be a complete disaster. It was so awkward and we totally had nothing in common. I wanted to run from that place as fast as I could”. Let me guess, if you are single and in search of a good date, you must have had that experience at least once. Trust me, as I had it several times myself! After all such experiences, I was totally put-off from online dating till I came across a great Facebook application that includes “match friends” feature.

Let is be light

Instead of depending on unknown websites for providing you with so- called perfect dates, you can now find a great date, among your friends! The best part- you can do it through Facebook! Now, I know it is too exciting to be true but it is! Match friends is a feature offered by the XibYa-Match-Friends application, which allows us to match our friends with others in our friends list on Facebook by simply pointing out to the common aspect that connects them. It could be books, movies or even studies! You can simply go through your friends list and then match two people whom you think are most appropriate for dating each other and send them the match proposal. They can then take off from there!

couple haveing a perfect date

The perfect date

Ask your friends for a match

The same principle applies to you too! Your friends can simply match you with a person on Facebook through the help of XibYa-Match-Friends application, whom according to their opinion is a good match for you. You can then speak to the person and give it a chance! Matching done by friends is much more likely to succeed than matching done by a random website with strangers. With such an amazing application, Cupid is going to be in action a lot more!

Finally a Cool Facebook Application: XibYa-Match-Friends

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