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Trust your friends – They know you

How many times it has been that when we are totally confused about the clothes we have to wear, the shoes we have to buy or simply the man we have to choose, we turn to our friends? Well, the answer is almost always! Simply because no one knows us the way our friends do. Growing up together has its advantages, the most important one being the ability to know our friend’s inside out. Friends always know our choices and preferences when it comes to everything! This is the main reason why trusting your friends to select a date or match for you always works!

Trust your Friends

Help your friends find a match – They will help you back

We all have friends who are looking for the one right person, or we might be looking for the perfect date ourselves. What better way to do this than using the “Match Friends” feature offered by the XibYa application? Not only can we help our friends by matching them with a person who can prove to be their future companion but we can also benefit ourselves from the use of XibYa-Match-Friends application. The match friends feature offered by XibYa is connected to one of the most popular social networking websites, Facebook and this makes it a highly convenient feature. We can simply open the application, browse through our friend’s profiles and then match them with people who we think can prove to be compatible with them.

So what can you do?

The matching can be done on various aspects such as love of dancing, movies, books, music, travel, team and even options such as – will get along, perfect match, could match or should go together. People can also be matched for reasons that combine studies, business and work. With so many options and filters to help us choose the best matches, we can surely find a good match for our friends and help them have the perfect date. We can also request a match from our friends! Why not share their knowledge to gain new friends? Other than dates, we can even make great friends for work, employment or any other issue at mind with the help of this application, all this without sharing any of our private information.

Matching is fun

XibYa-Match-Friends – It’s allot better then other online-dating websites

Usually, on online dating websites, we need to create our profiles and then matched with people all across the world. This is a very impractical way of doing things, as matching with strangers is always associated with some risk factor and also being matched with a stranger is a very poor option as compared to the ability to being matched by a friend. Simply because no one knows us the way our friends do. Thus, XibYa’s Match-Friends is the best thing that could have happened to online dating. So, what are you waiting for? Go, match your friends and get a match yourself!

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2 Responses

  • Boris says:

    I really like this blog and the idea using friends on facebook as match-makers

    Will check out this app soon.
    Do you think has a similar option with friends on Facebook? it will be great to combine options.

  • admin says:

    Thank you Boris on your kind words. I do not know about what plans but I do remember they had an app for Facebook. Not sure it went well…

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